Friday, September 2, 2016

Pediatric Sealants

Pediatric Sealants
Children are afflicted with cavities all the time. They not only cause your child pain and discomfort, but they can be expensive to repair as well. To repair cavities and prevent tooth decay, here at New Roc Dental, PC, we offer pediatric sealants as one of your child's treatment options.

What are Dental Sealants for Kids?
Dental sealants for children are a plastic coating that our New Rochelle, NY dentist, Dr. Ovral Wynter, DDS, places on their back teeth like premolars and molars. She paints a thin layer on the chewing surfaces of your little one's teeth to bond it to their teeth's depressions and grooves. This works like a shield and keeps plaque and food from getting in the different recesses of your child's teeth.

How Pediatric Sealants are Used
Your child typically gets their first set of molars between the ages of 5 and 7 and their second set by the time they are 14 years of age. As soon as your child gets their first set of molars is the best time to add pediatric dental sealants to make sure they are protected early on.

Dental sealants for children are a simple and painless procedure. Dr. Wynter spends a couple minutes on each tooth that requires sealing. First, she applies an adhesive to their teeth. Then she paints the sealant liquid over the adhesive. As pediatric sealants harden they create a barrier between your child's tooth and any food particles, plaque, and bacteria. Dental sealants last for around 10 years and if necessary, they can be reapplied.

If your child's molars are starting to come in or if they are causing them trouble, contact our office at 914-235-8065 to set up an appointment for Dr. Wynter to discuss sealants with you to see if they are a good option for your child.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings

According to The Oral Cancer Foundation, more than 48,000 people in the United States will receive a new oral cancer diagnoses in 2016. Men are twice more likely to get this type of cancer than women, reports the American Cancer Society. If you are concerned, our New Rock Dental, PC office in New Rochelle, NY can help.

Areas of the Mouth Oral Cancer Affects

Oral cancer develops in any part of your mouth including:
  • Gums
  • Lips
  • Inside cheeks
  • Tongue
  • Roof or floor of your mouth
How Oral Cancer Screenings Work

An essential part of your dental visit in our office is oral cancer screenings. Our New Rochelle, NY dentist Dr. Ovral Wynter, DDS pinpoints the beginning of this potential condition through our advanced modern technology. She treats this condition as early as possible so she can treat it before it becomes a serious irreversible problem. Dr. Wynter uses either an ultraviolet light or similar tool to view issues that she can't see by herself. Once she detects the condition, she performs an oral cancer procedure to treat it.

Dr. Wynter recommends you maintain healthy lifestyle choices, which can improve the overall health of your mouth and tissues. If you drink or smoke heavily, it's important you come into our office for regular screenings.

If you are concerned about oral cancer and would like to get a screening, give our New Rochelle, NY office a call at (914) 235-8065 to set up a consultation with Dr. Wynter. She will set you up with an oral cancer screening and discuss your options if you are diagnosed with it.